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According to industry statistics, the number of newspaper varieties in China decreased in 2005, and the growth of total advertising revenue and sales value slowed down, with the total printed sheets only increasing by 3.18%. The growth rate of printing machinery sales also fell sharply, only increasing by 2.9%, creating the lowest point during the Tenth Five Year Plan period. Since this year, the development of newspaper industry the development trend of newspaper printing equipment has become the focus of the industry. The author would like to talk about his views here. I. development process of newspaper printing equipment the rapid renewal of newspaper printing equipment is the epitome of the development of the printing industry. The development of newspaper printing has driven the growth of the world newspaper printing equipment market, and also played a positive role in the technical progress of domestic newspaper printing equipment

Before the 1970s, the backbone equipment of newspaper printing in China was a lead printing wheel machine. Before printing, it was a manual typesetting and casting lead plate. Other provinces and cities could only see the central newspaper after the next day. At this time, foreign countries have used web offset printing machines to print newspapers. Before printing, laser light has been discharged from the film, and the printing time of newspapers has been greatly advanced. In the mid-1970s, the state formulated the development plan for the printing industry, approved the 748 project, and developed the Chinese character laser phototypesetting system. Since then, China's newspaper industry has moved towards Laser Phototypesetting offset printing

In the 1980s and 1990s, after the lead rotary printing machine was replaced by the photosensitive resin printing machine, the domestic newspaper industry finally eliminated the lead rotary printing machine. At this time, the printing plants of the central newspaper mainly use the imported printing machines of Manroland polamag, Gauss Hamada Sanna and other companies, the provincial and municipal newspapers mainly use the big three double SSc and other printing machines produced by beiren Shanghai Gauss Hunan printing machine, and the printing plants at the prefecture and municipal levels mainly use the domestic dual-purpose machine for books and newspapers

after 2000, the central newspaper office and the provincial and municipal newspaper offices began to eliminate the domestic newspaper printing equipment, instead of the imported large, medium and small rolls, and entered the stage of high-speed development. The domestic equipment gradually disappeared. During this period, due to the large printing volume and high quality requirements of national and some provincial-level newspapers, domestic printing machinery enterprises can not meet the needs of users for printing machines. Newspaper printing enterprises only rely on the equipment imported from international brands such as Manroland, USA, Gauss, France, Gauss, Japan, Gauss Harris, Hamada xiyandaifu, etc. In the 1990s, Shanghai Gauss company organized forces to develop a new vertical SSC metropolis urb-11; Beiren Group Co., Ltd. organized forces to develop the newspaper expansion printing machine yp4787g, followed by the launch of the tower printing machine yp4787h, which met the needs of provincial newspapers and some central newspapers for expansion and color printing. However, the national policy of duty-free import of medium-sized newspaper printers with more than 60000 pieces/hour and some problems in duty-free import have affected the production and sales of domestic medium-sized newspaper printers. At present, the quality, technical level and safety performance of domestic newspaper printing equipment have been greatly improved. In particular, the revision of the national tax exemption policy has increased the tax-free line to 75000 pieces/hour, which will bring a good opportunity for the further development of domestic printing machine manufacturing enterprises

II. The development prospect of newspaper printing industry the diversification of advertising industry and information channels have played a decisive role in the rapid growth of newspaper printing industry. Now it seems that the growth rate of newspaper printing has slowed down, which is an objective fact that will not be transferred by human will

1. Diversification of information channels

in the past, people obtained information through three major media, such as radio, television and newspapers. Today, with the development of the information industry, electronic media has risen to one of the main media for people to obtain information. Internet and digital TV, which will soon develop, enable people to obtain a wide range of information in a faster way than newspapers. From a long-term perspective, the decline of the development of traditional media such as newspapers has been unstoppable. Of course, the convenience that print media brings to people is irreplaceable by other media, and its vitality will last forever

2. It is an indisputable fact that the newspaper advertising market has been impacted by radio and television Internet electronic media and mobile communication. In addition, street advertisements, body advertisements and free advertisements can be seen everywhere. The latter three are the main channels for young people to obtain information. Some older people also begin to realize the importance of these three media and spend a lot of time on them. What's more, there are too many advertisements, which are too indiscriminate and lack of authenticity, but occupy more and more newspaper pages, causing readers a lot of annoyance with the use of advanced steel materials in the fields of transportation, marine engineering, energy and petrochemical, and key basic parts. The influence of newspaper advertising is declining, which affects the continuous development of the newspaper industry

3. The impact of macro-control on the development of the newspaper industry. Since the reform and opening up, the newspaper printing industry has developed rapidly. Excessive investment and blind duty-free import of high-end equipment have also caused repeated construction problems in industries such as steel, electrolytic aluminum, etc. In 2005, the central government issued a new macro-control policy. The policy that large-scale investment projects must be approved by the central government was expanded from three industries to nine industries, including the printing industry. The measures to restrict blind investment will inevitably affect the sales market of printing equipment

at the beginning of 2004, the state made great efforts to rectify the newspapers of Party and government organs, merged and suspended many newspapers and periodicals, which also had an impact on the newspaper printing equipment market

the state has strengthened the legal system, constantly cracked down on illegal publications, restricted the printing volume of teaching aids and other measures, so that the printing industry has entered a benign development stage. In the last year, the policy of over packaging legislation and building an energy-saving society also standardized the development of the printing industry and affected the sales market of printing machinery

newspaper printing equipment produced in the three countries will grow rapidly

although the sales market of domestic newspaper printing machines is restricted by the newspaper printing market and the growth of the printing machinery industry is slowing down, there is still a large room for growth from a long-term perspective. First of all, the number of newspapers owned in Western China and the vast rural areas lags far behind the eastern coastal areas and large cities, and the growth of newspaper circulation has not reached the demand level; Secondly, the popularization of electronic media interconnection is closely related to the improvement of economic development and living standards, which can not be achieved overnight. Print media is still an irreplaceable information carrier; Thirdly, as the main channel of the country, newspapers have the authority of positive and guiding release. Therefore, newspapers, especially those at the central and provincial levels, should be indispensable authoritative media in the country's political life. Of course, the popular special information, entertainment and various tabloids are also the growth factors that can not be ignored in the newspaper printing industry

1. According to relevant industry statistics, China's import of printing machinery was US $1.701 billion in 2004 and US $1.669 billion in 2005, a year-on-year decrease of 2.74%; In 2004, the export volume was 262million US dollars, and in 2005, the export volume was 401million US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 53.1%. For the first time, there was a decline in imports, rapid growth in exports and a narrowing of the trade deficit, creating the best import and export situation in China's history. In 2004, the import value of web printing machines was USD 169million, and in 2005, the import value was USD 102million, a year-on-year decrease of 39.6%, reflecting the improvement of self-sufficiency of domestic printing machines. In 2004, the export value of web printing machine was USD 2136million, and in 2005, the export value was USD 3845 million, with a year-on-year increase of 80%, reflecting the growth of international market demand and the improvement of the technical quality of domestic newspaper printing equipment, and the further growth of the adaptability of domestic equipment in the international market

2. From the perspective of domestic demand, the sales volume of China's web printing press was 871million yuan in 2004 and 961million yuan in 2005, a year-on-year increase of 10.3%, 7.4 percentage points higher than the growth rate of enterprises in key industries. It is one of the products with the fastest growth in production and sales except for sheet fed multi-color printing machines. Due to the continuous expansion of the production scale of Shanghai Gauss company and beiren group, the market share is continuously improving, and a relatively standardized market competition pattern is created. There is no such vicious competition as some products, and there is no low-grade sales means of mutual price reduction and mutual slander. Competition makes the export volume, technical level, quality level and product variety of enterprises increase rapidly. In the fierce competition, in addition to the sudden emergence of Jiangsu Baonan company, fourorfive enterprises producing web printing machines have withdrawn from the market in the competition. Web press includes newspaper Web Press, book web press and commercial web press. After analysis, among the three types of printing machines, the growth contribution rate of Web newspaper printing machines is the first, because most of the leading products of Shanghai Gauss company are web newspaper printing machines, and the sales volume in 2005 increased by 18.1% compared with that in 2004, which shows that the market demand is strong (including the demand of foreign markets)

3. Technological progress expands market space

web printing machine is one of the products with the fastest technical level improvement, especially web newspaper printing machine. At present, in the whole product series, there are not only small vertical (tower) horizontal printing newspapers configured up and down, but also can be combined at will to meet the needs of the development of the newspaper industry. The printing speed has also increased from 25000 to 36000 sheets/hour to 40000 to 45000 sheets/hour. Domestic printing machine manufacturing enterprises also began to enter the medium-sized printing machine market once occupied by foreign enterprises. At present, three enterprises have realized batch supply, among which the printing speed of the model newspaper printer reaches 70000-75000 pieces/hour. The continuous improvement of the technology of domestic newspaper printing equipment has made the country realize that it is necessary to modify the import duty-free line, and increase the duty-free line of medium-sized newspaper printers to 75000 pieces/hour, that of large newspaper printers to 180000 pieces/hour, and that of commercial web printers to 45000 pieces/hour

the web newspaper printing machine has widely adopted such advanced technologies as zero speed of plate clamping with narrow slot without shaft transmission or automatic stacking and baling with high-speed automatic paper receiving connection, and high-speed automatic closing. The automation level of the equipment has been continuously improved and the auxiliary operation time has been continuously reduced. The cr929 aircraft body structure will adopt the improvement of composite material technology in a large area, so that users can reduce their dependence on foreign equipment and enhance their confidence in using domestic printing equipment

4. Commercial web printing press expands new space for newspaper printing China began to introduce commercial web printing press around 1996. At that time, it was mainly suitable for the printing of color books and magazines. Soon commercial color coated paper newspapers began to prevail in the commercial field, so many newspapers introduced commercial or semi commercial web printing machines to adapt to the commercial printing of some coated paper newspapers

the domestic commercial web printing machine manufacturing enterprises started in 1996, and have launched three types of commercial and semi commercial products that are often replaced. At the just concluded Shanghai international all printing exhibition, beiren launched a commercial web printing machine with a full function configuration and a printing speed of 40000 sheets/hour, which was favored by foreign printing manufacturers at the exhibition. Although the situation that the commercial web printing press relies on imports has not changed, the market demand of the commercial web printing press has provided development opportunities for the development of domestic newspaper printing presses

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