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Market prospect of recycled plastic granulation

1. Market prospect of recycled plastic granules recycled plastic granulation production line

waste plastic recycled plastic granules have a wide market and are in great demand by plastic enterprises. To fully understand why recycled particles are particularly favored by plastic manufacturers, first of all, let's calculate a cost account together:

a medium-sized agricultural film factory needs more than 1000 tons of high-pressure polyethylene raw materials (LDPE) every year. At present, the average price of LDPE in plastic markets all over the country is 7000 yuan/ton, and the average price of LDPE recycled particles is 3800 yuan/ton, with a difference of 3200 yuan per ton. In other words, if half of a medium-sized agricultural film factory purchases recycled plastic particles, only the raw material cost can save 1.6 million yuan for two-way tensile and compressive testing. This is undoubtedly a huge fortune! (consult htttp://)

according to the official statistics, in 1999, China's polyethylene output was 4.346 million tons, which can only meet 46.4% of the domestic market demand. At present, China's ethylene equivalent demand will grow at a rate of 8.5%. By 2005, the ethylene equivalent demand will be 15million tons. For this reason, the country will spend a large amount of foreign exchange to import ethylene raw materials or crude oil with the rapid growth of consumer market and professional market users every year to meet the huge gap in domestic ethylene demand. Therefore, the recycling of waste plastics can also save a lot of foreign exchange for the country

a medium-sized plastic woven bag factory consumes more than 2000 tons of recycled polypropylene particles every year, and even individual small factories need hundreds of tons at least every year; A medium-sized shoe factory needs 2000 tons of PVC recycled particles per year. The huge demand for recycled particles from plastic products enterprises provides a broad market space for enterprises and individuals who are willing to establish waste plastic recycled particle factories

therefore, there is no shortage of market for recycled plastic particles

2. Profit analysis of plant establishment

in order to facilitate you to objectively understand the cost and profit, let's take a production line with a monthly output of 30 tons to process high-pressure polyethylene waste as an example, and use relatively conservative data to carefully calculate the actual profit of establishing a recycled plastic particle plant for investors' reference. Main basis: 1. The central price for the purchase of waste plastics in various regions is 1800 yuan/ton. 2. The median sales price of recycled particles is more than 3700 yuan/ton. 3. The recycling rate of waste plastics is 90%. 4. Water charges and sporadic expenses that are difficult to calculate are included in other unpredictable expenses

I. comprehensive cost (10000 yuan):

1. Raw material cost: 1800 yuan, 30 tons, 90%=60000 yuan

2. Electricity: the actual power consumption for processing a ton of particles is about 300 degrees, 1 yuan, 30 tons =90000 yuan

3. Water: about 10 tons of water is required for cleaning a ton of waste plastics, which can be recycled. As the cost is very low, it is included in other unpredictable costs

4. Factory rent: 200000 yuan/month

5. Workers' wages: calculated on the basis of two shifts per day and three people per shift:

6 people 800 yuan/month =4800 yuan

6. Transportation expenses: 100 yuan/ton 30 tons =300000 yuan

7. Other unexpected expenses: 2000 yuan/month

the comprehensive cost of producing 30 tons of particles per month is: 80800 yuan

2. Monthly sales revenue: 3700 yuan/ton 30 tons =111000 yuan

3. Monthly profit: 111000 -80800 = 30200 yuan

IV Payback period: months

v. annual profit: calculated by 10 months of production each year, the annual profit is about 300000 yuan

to sum up, the establishment of recycled plastic granule factory is a good project with less investment, short investment payback period, fast return and rich profits

3. Conditions for setting up a factory

establish a recycled plastic particle factory, and the investment scale can be large or small. You can start from one production line or purchase multiple sets of equipment for scale production at the same time. It is recommended that the test piece has extremely high glass transition temperature, good ablation reproducibility and high retention rate of high-temperature mechanical properties according to your actual conditions, which determines the size of the production scale. Only by playing steadily can you win step by step

1. Plant requirements: taking a production line as an example, the plant is about 30 square meters, which requires water and electricity (must be power electricity), and the stockyard is about 30 square meters (waste plastic cleaning and classification site). If there are multiple production lines at the same time, the cleaning and crushing workshop, granulation workshop and finished product warehouse should be set up to facilitate daily management and improve production efficiency. (consultation: Dayun plastic machine)

2. Workers: one production line only needs workers' names (two shifts). In case of large-scale production, the number of workers shall be appropriately increased. Workers should have a junior high school education or above. It is recommended that investors give priority to the employment of laid-off workers, because they all have certain skills and sense of organization and discipline, can work quickly and are easy to manage

3. Construction period: only days

4. Working capital: the working capital of one production line shall not be less than 5000 yuan. Working capital should be appropriately increased for large-scale production

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