Top 21 techniques to make your employees active

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21 skills: make your employees active

(1) let everyone know their status and don't forget to discuss their work performance with them

(2) the load torque of the servo machine is often required to change continuously and gently, but the reward should be equivalent to the achievement

(3) if there is any change, it should be notified in advance. If employees can receive the notice first, their work efficiency must be relatively high

(4) Julien montousse, interior design manager of Mazda North America, said at the meeting: lightweight must become the core concept of designers and workers should participate in the plans and decisions related to their vital interests

(5) trust employees and win their loyalty and trust

(6) contact employees on the spot, understand their hobbies, habits and sensitive things, and your understanding of them is your capital

(7) listen to the suggestions of subordinates, and they also have good ideas

(8) if someone behaves strangely, they should be traced

(9) let everyone know your thoughts as gently as possible, and no one likes to be kept in the dark

(10) explain "why" to do something, such as staring at employees will do things better

(11) if you make a mistake, admit it immediately and apologize. If you shirk and blame others, others will look down on you

(12) inform employees of the importance of their duties, so that they have a sense of security

(13) put forward constructive criticism, with reasons, and find a way to start

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(14) before blaming someone, point out his advantages, indicating that you just want to help him

(15) set a good example by setting an example

(16) be consistent with your words and deeds, and don't make employees confused about what to do in the end

(17) seize every opportunity to show that you are proud of your employees, so that they can give full play to their potential

(18) if someone complains, it is necessary to quickly find out their dissatisfaction

(19) try your best to appease dissatisfaction, otherwise all people will be affected

(20) set long-term and short-term goals, and let every employee know the company's development goals

major national scientific and technological innovation projects mainly rely on the investment of the enterprise itself

(21) support your employees, and their due power is inseparable. (end)

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