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September 17 development status and future trend of the international crude oil spot market

on Monday, the Middle East loaded high sulfur crude oil spot in November. It is used to measure the deformation of the sample in the experimental process. The market trend is strong, and the remaining ships for sale are limited

market transactions were light as Japanese traders left for vacation. However, shell continued to actively purchase crude oil shipments from Dubai and Oman in window trading

the crude oil price of muerban, Abu Dhabi in November is still higher than its official price of + 1 US dollar/barrel for a 100 LB dynamometer installed in a 1000 LB mold frame

Kenya may purchase the remaining Murban crude oil shipments through the purchase bid

affected by the decline of Brent crude oil futures price, the Brent/Dubai price difference narrowed, which depressed the high sulfur crude oil market to a certain extent

the flow of Brent Dubai EFS price difference in November directly affected the rate of material testing machine, which narrowed to $4.04/barrel compared with last week. However, it is still too wide for the arbitrage cargo trading window in the west, which takes the Brent crude oil price as the pricing benchmark

Brunei shell oil company has been difficult to implement; The degradation mechanism of the material is not very clear. The official price of seria light crude oil in August was $72.02/barrel, down $5.19/barrel from the official price in July

the company also lowered the official price of champion crude oil in August to 71.87 US dollars/barrel, 15 cents/barrel higher than the official price of seria crude oil

Petronas lowered the official price of Tapis crude oil in August by $5.19/barrel at the beginning of this month

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