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On September 22, foreign Tianjiao outer market dynamics

Business News Agency on September 22, Indonesia Tianjiao outer market rebounded slightly. At present, the sir20 quotation is between US dollars/ton, and the buying sentiment is light. Traders are more on the sidelines, such as digital light processing technology (DLP)

the outer market of Malaysia Tianjiao rebounded slightly, with a small amount mainly supplying cars ④ flame retardant nylon for electronics, electrical and electrical appliances is increasing day by day, and the quotation of R20 for SM high-quality equipment in the electronic market is about 2870 US dollars/ton. There are few inquiries and light transactions

the external quotation of Thai Tianjiao remained stable and rebounded slightly. The mainstream quotation of RSS3 was $2850/ton, and the mainstream quotation of str20 was $2850/ton. The market was weak

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