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Failure maintenance of machine tool lubrication system

failure maintenance of unsatisfactory machining surface roughness

failure phenomenon: when a CNC gantry milling machine uses the right vertical tool rest to mill the plane of the product frame, it is found that the surface roughness of the workpiece does not meet the predetermined accuracy requirements

analysis and treatment process: after this fault occurred, the attention to find the fault was focused on checking the accuracy of the rolling bearings (especially the front and rear bearings of the spindle) in the spindle box of the right vertical tool rest, but unexpectedly, all the rolling bearings were normal; Later, after research, analysis and careful inspection, it was found that the four pipes that provide lubricating oil for the drive pair of the workbench worm and the nut strip fixed at the lower part of the workbench basically do not supply oil. After adjusting the four needle throttle valves arranged on the bed to control the oil output of the four oil pipes, the fault disappears after the lubricating oil pipe flow is normal

maintenance of faults with large loss of lubricating oil

fault phenomenon: th5640 vertical machining center has large loss of lubricating oil in the centralized lubrication station. It is necessary to add oil to the lubrication station every other day, and a large amount of lubricating oil is obviously mixed in the cutting fluid

analysis and treatment process: the th5640 vertical machining center adopts a volumetric lubrication system. This fault occurred. 4. After adjusting the speed of lifting and lowering of the beam during sample clamping, it began to be considered that the lubrication time interval was too short, the lubrication motor started frequently, and there was too much lubrication, resulting in a large loss of lubricating oil in the centralized lubrication station. After changing the starting time interval of the lubricating motor from 12min to 30min, the lubricating oil loss of the centralized lubrication station has contributed wisdom and energy to the construction of a non-ferrous metal industrial power, which has been improved, but the oil loss is still large. Therefore, we focused on finding out the problem of the lubrication pipeline. The lubrication pipeline was intact and there was no oil leakage, but we found that there was a lot of lubricating oil in the y-axis lead screw nut. After unscrewing the y-axis lead screw nut to lubricate the measuring parts, we found that the Y-shaped seal ring in the measuring parts was damaged. After replacing with new lubricating measuring parts, the fault is eliminated

failure maintenance of insufficient lubrication of guide rail: TH6363 horizontal machining center, insufficient lubrication of y-axis guide rail

analysis and treatment process: TH6363 horizontal machining center adopts single line damping lubrication system. After the fault occurred, it was thought that the lubrication interval was too long, resulting in insufficient lubrication of y-axis. By changing the starting time interval of lubricating motor from 15min to 10min, the lubrication of y-axis guide rail has been improved, but the oil volume is still not ideal. Therefore, we focused on finding the problem of lubrication pipeline, and the lubrication pipeline was in good condition; Unscrew the y-axis guide rail to lubricate the measuring piece, and check that the small hole in the measuring piece is blocked. After cleaning, troubleshoot

fault maintenance where the lubrication system pressure cannot be established

fault phenomenon: th68125 horizontal machining center, the lubrication system pressure cannot be established

analysis and treatment process: conduct lubrication test after the assembly of th68125 horizontal machining center. The horizontal machining center adopts a positive displacement lubrication system. After power on, the lubricating motor rotates, but the pressure of the lubricating system is always 1 One portal host cannot go on. Check that the lubrication pump works normally and there is pressure oil at the oil outlet of the lubrication station: check that the lubrication pipeline is intact; Check the lubrication of x-axis ball screw bearing and find that a large amount of lubricating oil leaks from the bearing; Check the measuring part, the model is asa-5y, check the lubrication Manual of the measuring part production company, and find that asa-5y is the measuring part of the single line damping lubrication system, while the machine tool adopts the volumetric lubrication system, and the measuring parts of the two lubrication systems cannot be mixed. After replacing the measuring part zsam-20t of the positive displacement lubrication system, the fault was eliminated

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