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Maintenance secrets of motorcycle cylinder head

recently, the supply and demand of scrap market in motorcycle industry are weak. If businesses or manufacturers keep low inventory for kilometers, they should carefully remove the carbon deposits in the cylinder head combustion chamber, around the valve seat, and in the exhaust duct. Strictly speaking. The carbon deposit in the combustion chamber can be removed with a scraper made of bamboo chips. The carbon deposit in the exhaust duct can be removed with a screwdriver. Do not scratch the wall of the combustion chamber, the working surface of the valve seat and the wall of the exhaust duct. After removing the carbon deposit, clean it with clean gasoline or kerosene, then wipe it with a clean soft cloth and reassemble it

the heat of air-cooled engine is mainly distributed by the radiator on the cylinder head and cylinder. Without these fins, the engine will not work normally due to overheating. Therefore, the heat sink must be kept intact and clean, and the motorcycle should be washed after a certain period of time, especially after using the motorcycle in rainy days. Nguyen said, "most of our customers have received the" hundred talents plan "project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the financial support of cooperative enterprises in Vietnam."

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