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After the drone delivered coffee across the river, Xunyi released the unmanned distribution network

Xunyi, which has just completed the a+ round of 30million financing, showed its new skills of delivering coffee across the river at the 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, and released the "robot transportation network" adnet1.0, which will provide consumers with a full process of unmanned terminal distribution services

drones cross the river to deliver coffee

in the drone experience area, open the "fast ant delivery bar", just like using a takeout platform. Order a cup of Ruixing coffee. After receiving the instruction, the fast ant drone on the apron platform lifted off and flew over the Huangpu River. Two minutes later, it landed with a "small blue cup". Although the sun was scorching, the coffee taken out of the insulation bag was still cold and refreshing, with overflowing aroma, and the coffee was not spilled at all

before that, Xunyi also helped Starbucks deliver more than 2000 cups of coffee. A drone can deliver up to 8 cups of coffee per trip. In the group mode, the freight for each cup is 3 yuan. If you want to charter a plane, you can respond immediately and deliver it at the first time, but it costs 29 yuan

there are takeout boys, why do I need a drone to deliver coffee? Because in areas across rivers and mountains, drones are faster than the Scud of the takeout boy. It can also be accompanied by an entertainment item, "Ding Lingling, takeout!" Immediately open the window or run downstairs, you can watch a drone delivery, isn't it quite romantic

of course, in addition to delivering takeout, Xunyi UAV has various application scenarios. The first UAV postal route of Xunyi was opened in 2016. It flew from Anji, Huzhou to Qiguan village. The 10 kilometer route broke through the difficulty of matching the strength and toughness of 7x55 aluminum alloy pre stretched thick plate. It took 10 minutes to transport the first China Post small package, realizing the first commercial operation of logistics drones in remote areas

when the mountains were closed by heavy snow, the drone sent blood pressure drugs to the mother-in-law in her 80s; When the blood bank is in an emergency, the drone replaces the ambulance to send life-saving blood; During the long voyage along the Yangtze River, drones sent scarce fresh melons and fruits and KFC to the boat people. At the beginning of this year, Xunyi entered the city from the countryside. Facing the high-frequency application scenarios of urban C-end consumers, it began to explore the delivery of takeout by UAV, and began to deliver coffee, fresh food, etc

what is robot transportation network

at the conference, Xunyi also released the robot transportation network adnet1.0, which is a completely unmanned terminal distribution system. In the future, as long as the merchants put the takeout into the unmanned vehicle, the unmanned vehicle will automatically go to the unmanned station, automatically sort and load it to the unmanned aircraft, and the unmanned aircraft will take off and send it to the next unmanned station, unload it automatically, and send it to consumers with the unmanned vehicle, This means that Xunyi fully realizes the full link unmanned distribution of goods

what is "robot transport capacity experimental machine accuracy level: Level 1, accuracy level, accuracy: better than the indicated value ±, measurement range: measurement accuracy: better than the indicated value ±, resolution: speed: 1mm/min ~ 500mm/min stepless speed regulation network"? It is mainly composed of UAV RA3, unmanned hub station Rh1 connecting robots at both ends of the air and ground, unmanned vehicle Rg1 completing the delivery of "the last 100 meters" of goods, and a set of algorithms to realize multi-agent cooperation

Xunyi has specially developed a new UAV model with unique appearance - RA3, which is a UAV specially designed for logistics. The fully automatic loading and unloading design can make the goods seamlessly connected between the UAV and the unmanned station Rh1; As the transfer equipment connecting the two ends of the open space, Rh1 provides 6 temporary storage spaces for containers and basic charging functions; As an unmanned station in the airport, Rh1 has the highest takeoff and landing frequency of 30 sorties/hour

according to the estimation of Xunyi, to complete the distribution of 5000 orders in one day in a transportation network, about 120 unmanned aerial vehicles, about 50 unmanned stations and about 60 unmanned vehicles need to be invested, and the number of network nodes will reach nearly 300, 2 Oscillation frequency: 100cycles/min (1.66hz). The guidance emphasizes that the number of take-off and landing in a single day exceeds that of the capital airport

Zhang Lei, CEO of Xunyi, said that in the fourth quarter of this year, the seamless and coordinated unmanned distribution system of air and ground integration can be completed. The second generation of unmanned vehicle developed by him is currently in the road test stage, which is also an important part of Xunyi's robot transportation network. By the second quarter of next year, it is expected to reach a transportation capacity of 10000 units/day

maybe in three years' time, the unmanned terminal logistics system can replace the delivery boy

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