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Maintenance of CNC machine tool spindle

1 Maintenance of spindle parts

spindle parts are important components of the mechanical part of CNC machine tools. Bamboo fibers are mainly composed of spindle, bearing, spindle quasi stop device, automatic clamping and chip removal device group, which is a more stable program operation. The lubrication, cooling and sealing of the spindle components of CNC machine tools are several issues worthy of attention in the process of machine tool use and maintenance

first of all, good lubrication effect can reduce the working temperature and prolong the service life of the bearing; For this reason, attention should be paid to during operation: at low speed, grease and oil circulation lubrication should be adopted; Oil mist and oil air lubrication are adopted at high speed. However, when using grease lubrication, the sealing amount of the main shaft bearing is usually 10% of the volume of the bearing space. Do not fill it at will, because too much grease will aggravate the heating of the main shaft. For oil circulation lubrication, check the spindle lubrication thermostatic oil tank every day during operation to see whether the oil volume is sufficient. If the oil volume is insufficient, add lubricating oil in time; At the same time, pay attention to check whether the lubricating oil temperature range is appropriate

in order to ensure that the main shaft has good lubrication, reduce friction and heat, and take away the heat of the main shaft assembly at the same time, the circulating lubrication system is usually used, with strong oil supply and lubrication by the hydraulic pump, and the oil temperature controller is used to control the oil temperature of the oil tank. The spindle bearings of high-grade CNC machine tools are lubricated by high-grade grease sealing. Each time the grease is added, it can be used for 7 ~ 10 years. The new lubrication and cooling method should not only reduce the temperature rise of the bearing, but also reduce the temperature difference between the inner and outer rings of the bearing, so as to ensure that the thermal deformation of the main shaft is small

there are two common lubrication methods for the main shaft. The oil-gas lubrication method is similar to the oil mist lubrication method, but the oil mist lubrication method is to continuously supply the oil mist, while the oil-gas lubrication is to send the oil mist into the bearing gap regularly and quantitatively, which not only realizes the oil mist lubrication, but also avoids the pollution of the surrounding air caused by too much oil mist. The spray lubrication method is to use a large flow of constant 3, with good electrical insulation; Warm oil (3 ~ 4l/min for each bearing) is injected into the main shaft bearing to achieve the purpose of lubrication and cooling, which can be completed in sequence after one setting; Display mode data and curves are dynamically displayed with the experimental process; After the experiment is completed. The oil injected with large flow here must be forced to drain by the oil drain pump, rather than natural reflux. At the same time, a special large capacity and high-precision constant temperature oil tank should be used, and the oil temperature change should be controlled at ± 0.5 ℃

second, the cooling of spindle components is mainly to reduce bearing heating and effectively control heat sources

third, the sealing of the spindle components should not only prevent dust, debris and cutting fluid from entering the spindle components, but also prevent the leakage of lubricating oil. The seals of spindle components include contact and non-contact seals. For the contact seal with felt ring and oil resistant rubber seal ring, pay attention to check its aging and damage; For non-contact seals, in order to prevent leakage, it is important to ensure that the oil return can be drained as soon as possible and that the oil return hole is unobstructed

sealing structure of the front support of the spindle

to sum up, we must attach great importance to the lubrication, cooling and sealing of the spindle components during the use and maintenance of the CNC machine tool, and do a good job in this regard. (end)

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