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Maintenance rules and maintenance of laser engraving machine

when the laser engraving machine is used for a period of time, the smoke and dust produced by engraving and cutting have a corrosive effect on the guide rail, so the guide rail should be maintained regularly. Turn off the power of the laser engraving machine, clean the guide rail with a clean soft cloth, and then drip lubricating oil on the guide rail. After the oil is applied, let the slider roll back and forth on the guide rail to ensure that the vehicle weight of Cd level fusion is reduced to a level equivalent to that of B-level "Fiesta", and the lubricating oil enters the slider. After oiling, let the sliding block roll back and forth on the guide rail. At this time, install the guide rail first. Pay attention not to fix the guide rail first, but to install all the fixing nails and keep them horizontal. Fix the belt and the sliding block, then install the lens, and adjust the light. The way of X direction is completed

II. Wiping of reflector and focus lens:

laser engraving machine | after the laser cutting machine is used for a period of time, smoke and dust will adhere to the surface of the lens, affecting the depth of engraving and cutting, as well as the accuracy of engraving and cutting. Generally, wipe three mirrors and one focusing lens carefully with anhydrous alcohol in about a week (according to the use frequency of laser cutting machine | engraving machine)

Third, bearing oiling:

laser cutting machines use a large number of bearings. In order to ensure good cutting and carving effects, some bearings need to be lubricated regularly (except oil bearing), wipe the floating soil on the bearings with a clean soft cloth, suck the oil into the needle with a needle, and then slowly inject the bearing with a needle, Turn the bearing slowly when filling oil.

IV. adjustment of the tightness of the synchronous belt (belt):

there are several synchronous belts in the transmission system of the laser cutting machine. If the synchronous belt is too loose, there will be ghosting of the engraved font. If the synchronous belt is too tight, it will cause wear of the synchronous belt. After using it for a period of time, please adjust the tension screw of the timing belt, adjust the timing belt to the appropriate tightness, and the engraved words will not appear ghosting. In addition, the operation noise of laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine is very low. It is appropriate to develop the precision seamless steel pipe and ductile iron pipe industry in Shuiye and Linzhou, or consult the manufacturer's technology. Usually, they will produce personnel in a unique or small batch way

v. maintenance of laser tube: the laser tube in the laser engraving machine is cooled by circulating water. After long-term use, there will be some white scale in the tube. We can add a small amount of vinegar to the circulating water, remove the ditch in the tube, and then wash the inner part of the laser tube with clean water. In this way, the laser tube will be in the best working condition and its service life will be extended

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