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Maintenance and care of wire cutting machine tools

maintenance and care of wire cutting machine tools

machine tools are not suitable for working in dirty, hot and humid environments. There are also high requirements for the electric power supply environment. The power supply voltage of machine tools should not be less than ± 10%, and the three phases should be balanced and stable. Too bad electricity must be equipped with a voltage stabilizing source. In addition to the normal cleanliness and lubrication of the machine tool, the following parts must also be carefully maintained:

the guide rail and lead screw of the machine tool must not be contaminated with dirty water and dirt. Once there is dirt, wipe it with clean cotton yarn, and then dip it in 10 # engine oil with absorbent cotton and gently wipe it once

for the service life of the guide wheel and bearing, the excessively dirty coolant should also be replaced. If the machine tool is not opened for a short time, there should be no water, let the guide wheel rotate for dozens of seconds, so that the dirty water between the guide wheel and the guide wheel sleeve can be thrown out, inject a small amount of oil, and then rotate a few springs. The radial stiffness of the bearing of the experimental machine under the working load can be thrown out for ten seconds, so that the oil and dirt in the gap can be thrown out, and then inject a small amount of oil. So that the guide wheel and bearing are always in a cleaner state

the coupling and key on the screw barrel shaft and the motor should always be in a tight and secure matching state. Once the key is loose and the coupling collides, pay attention not to make the probe contact two measuring pins at the same time, that is, replace the buffer pad and key of the coupling. After a long time of reversing with clearance, the keyway on the shaft will be deformed and widened

the on-line cable between the control cabinet and the machine tool should be protected by a cover plate or a plastic plate. It is not allowed to step on it at will. The cable should be in a loose and free state. It is not allowed to be pulled by external forces, the cable plug should not be stressed, and the corrugated sheath of the cable should not be fracturing and flattening

handle the console (cabinet) with care, and do not plug and unplug the touch connector or keyboard with greasy hands

no part on the bed surface should be knocked or collided, especially not because the product can only be consumed in large quantities after rigorous experiments, and then put on the market. The test principle of the super constant speed stretching method refers to: the stroke movement of the tensile strength tester under the condition of constant speed stretching will cause the wire frame to interfere with the bed surface, which will seriously damage the machine tool parts or accuracy

always pay attention to keep the conductive block in a good conductive and insulating state with the bed. The cushion strip on the workbench must be insulated from the bed. The traction line of the stepping motor must be in a free state. The stepping motor must ensure that there is no dirt and water immersion

cars need regular maintenance, and so do machine tools. As long as the operator treats it sincerely, it will also sincerely return and bring you higher benefits

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