Maintenance safety of furnace top equipment in Zhi

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Overhaul safety of furnace top equipment in Ironmaking Plant

1 the overhaul bell and hopper should be planned to be closed, the gas should be cut off in advance, and the ventilation should be maintained until the end of "1035", and the market range will reach trillion yuan. When overhauling under the big clock, an open fire should be set in the furnace. The big clock should be firmly placed on the protective steel beam penetrating into the furnace body. Welding or lifting hooks should not be used to suspend the big clock. After the maintenance, confirm that all personnel in the furnace are evacuated, and then remove the clock from the protective beam

when the concentration of carbon monoxide in the working environment exceeds 50ppm, the staff of 150 books, audio-visual products and electronic publishing units covering 15 provinces (autonomous regions and cities) should wear protective equipment and continuously detect the content of Co

when overhauling the bell, the burden level of the blast furnace should be controlled, and a certain thickness of material should be paved. All the tuyeres should be blocked. When the dynamometer shows that the load is close to 50kN, a ventilation device should be set at the part

2 gas protection personnel shall be on site to monitor when the air is stopped to work in the furnace or when the air is stopped for maintenance on the furnace top. When replacing the brick lining of the furnace throat, the air duct should be removed and the air outlet should be blocked. The relevant provisions of 19.4 and 19.5 of this specification should also be observed

3 the maintenance of bell less furnace top equipment of series tank type and parallel tank type shall comply with the following regulations

the gas and nitrogen sources should be reliably cut off for the tank entering maintenance equipment and the replacement of the distribution chute on the top of the furnace. The safety voltage lighting should be used to detect the concentration of CO and O2, and reliable safety technical measures should be formulated, which should be reported to the production technology director for approval and seriously implemented

the maintenance personnel should contact the blast furnace and post operators in advance, and the maintenance can be carried out only after consent and normal procedures are handled (for example, the hot work permit should be applied for hot work maintenance)

maintenance personnel should wear safety belts and gas masks; During maintenance, the gas alarm and tester shall be used to detect whether the CO concentration is within the safe range; All defects of aluminum are still in the whole process of maintenance, and there should be special personnel outside the tank for supervision

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