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New generation CNC machine tool maintenance

new generation CNC machine tool maintenance_ Servo amplifier maintenance

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new generation CNC machine tool maintenance_ Servo amplifier maintenance [Lingke automation] replace the cooling fan when it is broken or has noise; If the filter capacitor capacity is reduced by 20%, it should also be replaced (generally not more than 8 years); Tighten all the connecting screws of the main circuit again. About the disassembly and assembly of patch integration: some people often damage or degrade the performance of the patch integrated block due to the high temperature of the electric soldering iron when disassembling the patch integrated block. Before disassembling the integrated block, stick a small piece of paper stained with water or sprinkled with essence on the integrated block for heat dissipation, and the effect is good! Resistance resistance, the blocking effect of a substance on current is called the resistance of the substance. Substances with low resistance are called electrical conductors, or conductors for short. Substances with high resistance are called electrical insulators, or insulators for short. The aluminum sheet of the radiator also needs the dust removal gear to measure the resistance of the capacitance. The pointer of the multimeter will swing an angle. The greater the capacity, the greater the angle! Discharge the capacitor during the second measurement (short circuit the two pins). The company can provide professional, efficient and technical support and services to customers all over the country. In addition, it can also provide on-site maintenance technical services for customers in the Yangtze River Delta and surrounding areas in a short time. Siemens DC governor 6ra7075 maintenance, Siemens DC governor 6ra7078 maintenance, Siemens DC governor 6ra7081 maintenance, power board, excitation board, cud1 board, cud2 (c98043 Series) siemens 810 CNC system maintenance technical services are provided by Shanghai Siemens industrial control equipment maintenance. This enterprise is responsible for the authenticity of Siemens 810 CNC system maintenance technical services. The company has a professional technical team and service process. Relying on the strong advantages of Siemens, accuracy and legitimacy. Siemens 810 CNC system maintenance technical service Siemens CNC maintenance Siemens 802C CNC maintenance Siemens 802D CNC maintenance Shanghai Siemens 840D CNC maintenance company has a professional test platform with high success rate. Siemens CNC system alarm display maintenance Siemens CNC system interface signal setting maintenance Siemens NCU fan alarm maintenance Siemens ncus interface module SF red light maintenance Siemens plax0 (tp37) Touch screen repair Siemens Power Module damage repair Siemens Power Module inoperative repair Siemens power module 6sn1146 repair Siemens power module 6sn1145 repair Siemens DC governor repair Siemens DC governor 6ra7031 repair business Passepartout does not assume any guarantee

maintenance of new generation CNC machine tools_ Servo amplifier maintenance

(4) repair of short circuit between layers of double-layer coil. The interlayer short circuit between the upper and lower layers of the double-layer coil is caused by the poor interlayer insulation material or the inconsistent dimension of the interlayer insulation strip when embedding the wire. The interlayer insulation strip is used to determine the compressive capacity of the carton. The strip is offset and displaced. The method to deal with the short circuit between the upper and lower layers in the slot or the short circuit between turns of the upper and lower coils is the same as the above-mentioned method to deal with the grounding fault. If the removed coil is wrapped and insulated for reuse, it is also necessary to check whether the intact coil also causes inter turn insulation damage during the removal process. Therefore, a simple transformer device should be used for inspection?? Please indicate the source for Reprint:. Therefore, the cause of the fault may be the short circuit of the secondary load or the abnormal circuit from the feedback winding to the uc2844 power supply end. After checking the load, it is found that a rectifier tube is burnt out to short circuit, and the power supply is normal after replacement. Everything needs to be maintained. No matter how good it is, it needs to be observed frequently and maintained. Only in this way can the equipment avoid dry friction; Prepare more smoothly. Please indicate the source for Reprint:

new 1 Keep the room dry and replace the maintenance of CNC machine tools_ Servo amplifier maintenance

can be accompanied face to face! Sincere, worry free, rest assured! Focus on chip level maintenance for 15 years, free of startup fee, free of testing fee, and charge only after repair. The warranty lasts for three months. 100% original accessories of the original manufacturer and original model, which can be used after testing to ensure the * * * repair rate of the equipment! Schneider inverter can repair fault overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, missing items, overheating, current fault, flashing screen, output imbalance, overload, switching power supply damage, SC fault, grounding fault, load imbalance, current limiting operation, motor temperature is too high, operation panel is lost, control panel connection fault, communication fault, LED flashing, etc. Domestic industry engineers lead the team. Repair on site in my maintenance base

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