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Maintenance of barcode printer print head

barcode printers are widely used in all walks of life, such as production lines, hospitals, logistics and warehousing departments, retail supermarkets and many other places need high load on-demand printing services. Therefore, the normal operation of bar code printer is very important for each application environment. Especially for the workshop with 24-hour uninterrupted flow operation, if there is a problem in any link - including bar code printer, of course - the whole production line will be paralyzed, resulting in countless direct losses

the print head is a very important part of all components of the printer, which directly affects the print quality. Because the print head of professional heat sensitive or heat transfer bar code machine is particularly vulnerable, it is easy to cause abnormal printing without more maintenance. Bar code printers mostly use thermal printing and thermal transfer printing. Compared with the two, thermal printing has greater wear and pollution intensity on the print head. Many users believe that the maintenance of machines has increased a sum of expenditure. This kind of focus on short-term investment oriented use of bar code printers will inevitably bring a certain degree of losses to the production of enterprises, and will also increase production costs. After professional testing, the meager expenses required for regular and reasonable maintenance of the print head can save several times or even dozens of times the equipment repair or update costs

according to the professional technicians of zebra technology company, in addition to man-made damage, such as fingernails directly contacting the print head scratch, the damage of the print head of bar code printer mainly comes from the wear and tear caused by high-speed printing. The high temperature environment makes it hot (2) mobike and Dow deepen the light ride body sensitivity test paper (thermal printer) or ribbon (thermal transfer printer) dirty the print head, and the print head cracks and deformation caused by high voltage or static electricity. Once the print head is damaged, at least there is a white line in the printed label (a row of dots on the print head are dirty or scratched, as indicated by the arrow in the figure below), at least the printed label is blurred, and the reader cannot read the significant performance data

when there are blank spots/lines in the barcode or graphics with inconsistent printing effects, it may be that there is dirt on the print head that needs to be cleaned. In order to get the best printing effect, the print head should be cleaned regularly. Experts recommend cleaning before loading a new roll of ribbon and thermal printing media, or after printing continuous or folded printing media more than 150 meters. It is not required to turn off the power when cleaning the print head. Next, please follow the following steps to clean the print head:

1) remove the "print head cross bar" above the print head and release the print head to the open position

2) remove the ribbon and print media from the printer

3) wipe all print points of the print head from end to end in one direction with a cleaning pen or a cleaning stick dipped in solvent (alcohol of% concentration). (print point refers to the gray and black layer belt behind the chromium alloy layer in the print head.) Wait a while for the solvent to evaporate completely

4) turn the "paper roller" and wipe the roller thoroughly with a cleaning pen, cleaning stick or cleaning cloth dipped in solvent (% alcohol)

5) use a brush or vacuum cleaner to use rollers, printing media and ribbons, which are mainly used as carriers of small and medium-sized bioactive molecules (synbiosys reg;) Remove the paper scraps and dust on the sensor

6) reload the ribbon, close and lock the print head, and press the "pause/start" key after power on to check the printing effect

in the above suggestions, the quality of printing media is particularly important. In order to save money, some enterprise users use low-cost thermal paper or ribbon, but the low price is not always good quality. Poor quality printing media will speed up the damage of the print head. Therefore, enterprise users should give priority to brand printing consumables with smooth surface and excellent texture, so as to extend the service life and print quality of the print head by quickly laying it into an ideal three-dimensional shape

in addition, enterprise users should also pay special attention to using "professional cleaning solvent" or choose to use "save print head cleaning film" to clean and maintain the print head, so as to avoid unnecessary damage caused by dust pollution on the surface of the print head

print head film is a special film that can remove dirt and dirt on the print head without damaging the print head. There are many advantages to using the cleaning film of the save print head: in addition to extending the service life of the print head, it can also reduce the downtime required for maintenance and save the cost of replacing the print head. Therefore, it is an economical, convenient and fast maintenance method to remove dirt and dirt without removing the print head

the method to save the print head to clean the film is:

1) disconnect the power supply of the printer

2) turn on the print head and remove the print medium and print ribbon from the printing device

3) clean the print head according to the recommended print head maintenance procedures

4) place the saved print head film on the print channel under the print head, and place the smooth side down and the unsmooth side up under the print head

5) close and lock the print head

6) slowly extract the film completely from the printing device

7) clean the print head again according to the recommended print head maintenance procedure

8) load the print media and ribbon, close and lock the print head

9) print multiple labels and check whether the printing quality is improved. If the print quality does not improve, please contact technical support


it only needs to be done once to remove dirt and scale with film

each film can be used up to ten times

when there is obvious residue or dirt on the film, the glue should be discarded. (end)

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