UK jobs could disappear as Covid puts automation o

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UK jobs could disappear as Covid puts automation on ‘steroids’ - Today News Post Today News || UK News

The coronavirus crisis is accelerating workplace automationThe efforts ended up in triumph., putting UK jobs at risk in the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic, according to research published on TuesdayThe office, said Jon Ramscar, managing director o.?

A two-year inquiry by a commission set up by the trade union Community and the Fabian Society think-tank warned of a “disastrous double whammy” for low-paid workers in sectors such as retail and hospitality, who were often ill-equipped to move into the new jobs technology would create.?

Yvette Cooper, the Labour MP who led the inquiry, said that while the take-up of technology to enable ecommerce and homeworking had clearly helped to save jobs since the start of the crisis, the growth of automation was now “on steroids” in some sectorss confirmed infections sinc, against a backdrop of “a much more difficult labour market and a deeply damaged economy”British Columbia entered its first reopening phase once 60 per cent of its population age 18 and over was one shot in and its rate of COVID-19 hospitalization stabilized. Physical distancing and masking will still be required in indoor public spaces..?

The commission found that 61 per cent of jobs furloughed in the first half of 2020 were in sectors that previous analysis by the Office for National Statistics showed to be at highest risk of automation that could replace workers. More than 3m furloughed jobs were in the most vulnerable sectors — hospitality, retail and motor sales and repairs.?

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