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The Asia Pacific headquarters of Bayer adhesives and other business departments moved to Shanghai

in the past few years, China has always been an Asian city. The growth of two chuck fields on the installation led him to say: "Our growth level in China is 30%. Adhering to the commitment of being close to customers, the Asia Pacific headquarters of Bayer materials technology's coatings, adhesives and special chemicals business department has recently moved to Shanghai, a city of strategic significance in both production and product development. In addition, a R & D department focusing on technology development in the Asia Pacific region will also move to Shanghai.

recently appointed as Bayer materials Xinda group, which was founded in 1985 Mr. hefurui, senior vice president of coatings, adhesives and special chemicals business department of science and Technology Asia Pacific, said, "We are very pleased to participate in this year's China International Coatings exhibition with the theme of 'green technology, sustainable development'. We have decided to move our R & D Organization for the Asia Pacific market to Shanghai, which reflects our hope to continuously improve our innovation ability in coatings, adhesives and special chemicals, so as to meet the high pressure of our Asian customers to achieve sustainable development; on the contrary, we have urgent needs."

in order to further accelerate the integration of green solutions with China's coating industry, Bayer materials technology has established a new R & D Organization for the Asia Pacific market. As the Shanghai polymer research and Development Center (PRDC) of Bayer materials technology is still under the construction of phase III expansion project, this newly established institution will temporarily operate in Germany. After the expansion of Shanghai polymer research and development center is completed, the R & D institution will move to Shanghai. The R & D team of the Institute is composed of scientists from all over the world. They will focus on developing sustainable solutions that meet the needs of regional markets, such as water-based and radiation curing systems. The organization will work closely with the technology centers in Shanghai and nizaki, Japan, as well as Bayer's Shanghai integration base

"being close to local customers is part of our global strategy. In recent years, we have implemented a regional strategy to focus on the needs of the Asian market and accordingly transferred our R & D team to this market to replace the static business model. Our business in the Asian market has accounted for a large part of Bayer materials technology's global business growth." Dr. Yeke, vice president of coating business in Asia Pacific of Bayer materials technology business development and technical service department, said, "our Asian customers require us to provide rapid and customized solutions. Therefore, the R & D organization must be set up in the market it serves."

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