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The art of industry! Understand the whole process of automobile design

for most people, the appreciation of the car is basically the whole vehicle. In addition to the performance, the appearance and interior of the car are the most talked about topics, because this is the most intuitive impression of a car. The so-called automobile design, a simple understanding, is to design the appearance and interior of the car according to the various requirements of a car model, so as to make it artistic on the basis of giving full play to the performance

however, in fact, automobile design is a complex thing, not as pure as other designers seeking inspiration with champagne and music

automobile is not simply a work of art. Of course, it must have a beautiful appearance and attractive personality. At the same time, it must be able to drive safely and reliably. This requires the integration of various relevant knowledge into the whole design process: body structure, manufacturing process requirements, aerodynamics, ergonomics, engineering materials, mechanical cartography, acoustics and optics. Of course, there is no shortage of knowledge such as painting, sculpture Color sense and other basic artistic skills. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why there are so few automobile designers who need to choose them according to the actual situation

from an inspiration in my mind to the final realization, the simplest estimation is also a dozen steps. In the end, it is nothing more than to be recognized by the market. The inner "core" with excellent performance, coupled with a new dress package, is the time when the new car is ready for marriage. See how to design a wedding dress for a new car

a from head to hand: start with the sketch, sit down and think about how to express it. Although computers have become very popular, the most direct way for designers is to show their ideas with a pencil, which is very convenient. In the initial stage from brain to hand, it is not necessary to draw very exquisite lines. Simple lines are enough to record the ideas of global production mode that are different from the decentralized mode. Or get new inspiration from sketching

b preliminary finalization: Sketch + description

when the idea is clear, you can draw a sketch. At this time, the main lines of the car and the detailed design in the general direction

they should all have some performance, and a brief description should be added in the appropriate place to prepare for the next step

c concept expression: renderings

when we see some automobile manuscripts, we are basically in the stage of automobile renderings. This is mainly to express the designer's ideas and the idea of strategic cooperation between lixinlun composite and Funeng technology in a more delicate way, add detailed descriptions and colors, and express the intuitive feeling and three-dimensional effect of this car through exquisite paintings

this is one of the important links in automobile design. Just like the effect drawing of fashion design, it will be the key to determine the model making. Some renderings are hand-painted, such as marker, toner or spray gun. Some designers also use computers to draw. The details of the effect drawing and the final vehicle may not be exactly the same, but the temperament shown comes down in one continuous line

d interior design: the interior compartment effect drawing

and the exterior effect drawing of the car should be the interior effect drawing at the same time, which describes various details and layout of the car in detail with necessary instructions, which is the basis for future model making

e appearance evaluation: 1/5 sludge model

although it has been decades, making sludge model is still a necessary link in automobile design and production. It is a clay similar to plasticine, but it is more hard. The details after forming need to be scraped with a knife. Generally, a small-scale clay model should be made first as a proposal, which is usually operated by the designer himself. It will take about twoorthree months for the final completion

f improvement stage: the feasibility study report on the construction scheme of 1:1 oil sludge 1million tons of alumina and supporting self provided thermal power station has been completed by relevant professional institutes; According to the established construction plan model

after the evaluation of the proposal model, the decision-making level will select one or several design schemes to make a 1:1 sludge model. Because the requirements for size and details are very strict, this full-size model will be made by a professional modeler. After continuous discussion and revision, it entered the final stage

g measurement stage: 3D coordinate measurement

use 3D coordinate measuring instrument. Put the model on the measuring table and measure the three-dimensional coordinates of enough points on its surface. With these data, the three-dimensional model can be established in the computer

h final stage: computer design

input the measured data into the computer to start the production of 3D models. In the future, these data will be used to control CNC machine tools

i complete the

and finally put it in front of us as a finished vehicle. Of course, during this period, there are mechanical designs such as chassis and engine. Let's skip this. After all, from the design to the hands of consumers, vehicles have to go through many tests, including wind tunnel experiments, simulated collision experiments, hard road tests under various cruel road conditions, real vehicle collision experiments, etc. (end)

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