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The process of industrial automation has been accelerated, and the overall level of domestic packaging machinery has been effectively improved

] with the gradual evolution of packaging into a marketing tool and the continuous improvement of consumers' demand for packaging portability and product information technology, which accounts for 6% of China's total extruder exports, the packaging machinery market has made considerable progress

however, according to the market development status and investment prospect forecast report of China's packaging machinery industry in, China's packaging machinery started late and did not form an independent industry for a long time

the author understands that the competitiveness of domestic machinery products mainly comes from the highlights: price and delivery date. Price is a relatively simple way for all products to compete, but it will not be effective forever

for the purchaser, price is an important consideration, but not the only one. Large enterprises, in particular, have a cost calculation system

in addition, relevant reports also pointed out that in recent years, China's packaging machinery industry has achieved rapid development, but there have also been some low-level repeated construction. Compared with industrial developed countries, China's packaging machinery products lack 25%~30% of the guaranteed machinery operation, and the technical level lags behind for years

although the gap is still large, under the current social conditions, compared with the previous packaging machinery, the new packaging machinery has simpler operation, better production capacity, better supporting facilities and more automation. In the future, the packaging machinery industry will also improve the overall level of packaging equipment according to the process of industrial automation

automation is a major technology trend at present. Insiders believe that packaging machinery technology will develop in four directions. First, the mechanical functions are diversified

industrial and commercial products have tended to be refined and diversified. Under the changing environment, diversified and flexible packaging machines with multiple switching functions can meet the market demand

second ", standardized and modular structural design. Making full use of the modular design of the original model, the new model can be converted in a short time

third, intelligent control. At present, packaging machinery manufacturers generally use PLC power load controller. Although PLC has great flexibility, it still does not have the powerful function of computer (including software)

fourth, high-precision structure. Structural design and structural motion control are related to the performance of packaging machinery. They can be completed by high-precision controllers such as motor, encoder, digital control, power load control, etc., and appropriately extend the product to develop packaging equipment for high-tech industry

in addition, some insiders said that in the future, China's packaging machinery market with a depth of 20km will have these development trends: first, the technical content of packaging machinery is increasing day by day. Some of China's existing packaging machinery products have low technical content, while foreign countries have applied many advanced technologies to packaging machinery

second, the packaging machinery market is increasingly monopolized. The author has learned that, in particular, some complete packaging production lines with large demand in the market are monopolized by several large packaging machinery enterprises (groups) in the world packaging market

third, specialized production of packaging machinery parts. Insiders said that the specialization of packaging machinery parts production is an inevitable trend of development. Many parts are no longer produced by packaging machinery factories, but by some general standard parts manufacturers. Some special parts are produced by highly specialized manufacturers. The products are developing towards multi-function and single, high-speed polarization

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