The hottest rainstorm Riptide sea is the first dri

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Torrential rain and torrential current - Changtai drift, also known as the first drift in Fujian, is the "first drift" of the sea. After the exploratory drift of the Yangtze River and the Yellow River, the passion drift channel developed in the first phase in Fujian Province is made of all ceramic packaging materials: ceramic bottles, ceramic jars, ceramic pots; The journey is about 8 kilometers, passing through more than 70 drops and more than 60 bends, with a drop of 75 meters between the upstream and downstream

before starting such a dangerous project, you still have to do warm-up exercises first. The seventh set of broadcast gymnastics, walk in unison, one two three four, two two two three four

hello hello ~ report to the headquarters, and catch a wild Little Red Riding Hood ~ received, please reply ~over

sorry ~ I don't want to roast when the electric accelerator rotates ~ the summer escape equipment of children's shoes is too * * * * * (automatic brain repair), Please allow me to calm down [Xi Da Da Zi Ke Xin] please don't blame me, handsome boys and beautiful women -

What about the rafting? Said 300 rounds of war ~ where are you going? That's the way up the mountain, pro ~ ~ ~ ~

Mount Tai in the East ~ Mount Hua in the West ~ Mount Song in the North ~ mount Xiaohuang in the south

don't bully me. I don't study much. I'll take it seriously. I'll look at the little Huangshan Mountain. See everyone is sweating. After warming up, enter the final task site. Hu Jian's first drift

rainstorm is added. On the Yellow River, see me brave in the torrent

(1) guide the thought of iron rope and boat, Let's stop the flying boat (all protagonists please consciously claim the picture ~ take ugly photos and find a photographer, which is not related to the more advanced technology)

at the end of the day, I don't want to end up. It's really rainstorm weather, and the camera can't be used normally. What I can do is to give each warrior a little red flower to encourage him~

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