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Establishment of innovation alliance of Ramie Technology and equipment

recently, with the strong support of Hunan Huasheng Dongting Ramie Industry Co., Ltd., China Textile machinery and equipment industry association and China Ramie Textile Industry Association jointly held a preparatory meeting on "establishing innovation alliance of New Ramie Technology and equipment projects" in Yueyang, Hunan Province. The content of the meeting aims to promote the construction of a project innovation alliance with close integration of production, learning and research, with textile machinery manufacturing and ramie textile enterprises as the main body, and speed up the research and development of new ramie fiber processing and textile technology and equipment projects

the meeting decided that in order to make the work of the alliance start smoothly, before the end of May 2011, all participating project enterprises need to continue in-depth negotiation, decompose the project, determine the development content of the cooperative project, put forward the project proposal, study, draw up and sign the project innovation alliance agreement. The bamboo hemp alliance has nine member units, with Hunan Yiyang Ruiya high tech Textile Co., Ltd. as the chairman unit, Hunan topu Ramie Industry Development Co., Ltd., Hunan Huasheng Dongting Hemp Industry Co., Ltd., Hunan Huasheng Zhuzhou cedar Co., Ltd. and Donghua University as the deputy chairman units, and three professional committees. At present, the alliance is working intensively to formulate the "12th Five Year Plan" development plan and the goals and tasks for 2011

New Ramie equipment and new innovation alliance

in recent years, the problems of weak ramie market sales, frustrated farmers' enthusiasm for planting ramie, and the decline of ramie fiber quality and output caused by rapid climate change have become increasingly prominent. Kuang Huachun, a textile machinery technician in Jiulong Town, Jiaozhou City, Shandong Province, said in an interview: "Especially in the second half of 2007, the continuous decline of ramie prices, coupled with the state's protection of the prices of other agricultural products, has seriously affected the enthusiasm of farmers to grow ramie. The phenomenon of destroying ramie and planting other crops has occurred in various raw material planting areas across the country, and the military soul is not facing great challenges in the whole ramie industry. This also greatly increases the price of ramie raw materials, which is not conducive to the cost reduction and foreign exchange earning of the whole ramie industry. With the cotton textile industry and Wool textile industry is different. Because ramie textile industry belongs to China's traditional industry and national industry, there are no advanced technologies for ramie textile industry in foreign countries. In order to develop new ramie process equipment, we must gather ramie textile enterprises and textile enterprise manufacturers to do further research on Ramie process and technical equipment. "

facing the huge pressure of long ramie process flow and backward process technology, the preparatory meeting of "establishing an innovation alliance for New Ramie Technology and equipment projects" organized by China Ramie Textile Association and China Textile machinery and equipment industry association aims to push the research of ramie equipment to a new level by combining textile enterprises, textile machinery manufacturing industry and ramie textile enterprises

before that, through the coordination of China Textile machinery and equipment industry association, textile machinery enterprises and user enterprises jointly established a new generation of textile equipment alliance. Under the leadership of the alliance, the textile industry has made new development, and cotton and wool textile equipment has reached the international advanced level. The experimental process is precisely because the textile industry has such successful experience, so Zhu Xianmin, vice president of China Textile machinery and equipment industry association, Zhang Shiping, honorary president of China Textile Industry Association, Dong Chunxing, vice president and Secretary General of China Textile Industry Association, Cheng Xiongwei, Deputy Secretary General of China Textile Industry Association and Secretary General of ramie professional committee, and from ramie textile enterprises, textile machinery manufacturing enterprises More than 20 people, including representatives of relevant research and development institutions and scientific research institutions, drafted an innovation alliance agreement at this meeting, hoping to improve the overall level of ramie textile equipment through the alliance

Kuang Shumei, manager of Beijing Dongxing Huibang Trading Co., Ltd., said in an interview: "Innovation is a continuous and eternal work for ramie fiber processing and textile machinery manufacturing enterprises, but the different quality of products measured by load is an important trump card to quickly enter the market. Enterprises should rely on the improvement of quality to support the sustainable development of technological innovation, seek breakthroughs in the quality of key products, take the improvement of product quality as the starting point to drive the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and develop and produce high added value and high reliability products Products, and then promote the healthy and sustainable development of the whole enterprise. Quality is important because quality improvement is not only the need of industry transformation and upgrading, but also the need to narrow the gap, but also the requirement of downstream users. Quality is the life of an enterprise and the basis for its survival. Without quality, where can we start. The innovation alliance can effectively integrate the advantageous resources of scientific research institutions and machine manufacturing enterprises, and speed up the research and development of new ramie fiber processing and textile technology and equipment projects. "

note: this reprint indicates the source. It is for the purpose of transmitting more information that the establishment of the joint venture is mostly a prelude to Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), and does not mean to agree with its views or confirm the authenticity of its content

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