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Heavy rain once again hit southern chemical enterprises and were severely tested. The end of the month is approaching, and a new round of rainfall once again hit southern China. At present, Guangdong, Fujian, Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi and Hubei, of which Jiangxi Province has been greatly and slightly impacted by the disaster, such as Yujiang, Dongxiang, Zixi Nancheng County flooded "We are like 'Lubricants', more than 20 chemical production enterprises in these areas have stopped production. It can be seen that the production of local enterprises has been affected.

it is understood that the heavy rain has led to the temporary suspension of chemical projects under construction in some enterprises in Jiangxi, including the Bluestar spark organic silicon expansion and transformation integration project of China National Chemical Corporation, the annual output of 100000 tons of high-grade rutile titanium dioxide and supporting 400000 tons of sulfuric acid project of Jiangxi Tianguang Chemical Co., Ltd., and Jiangxi Alkali industry 1.2 million ton combined alkali project, etc

Li Yidong, chief engineer of Jiangxi Tianguang chemical company, said that since May, heavy rains and rainstorms have occurred one after another for several days, and the construction personnel were unable to carry out on-site operations. The progress of the titanium dioxide project, which was originally planned to be completed and put into operation in the second half of this year, has also been affected. It is estimated that the completion of wood flour filling will be delayed for several months

xuyunhua, general manager of Jiangxi soda industry, said that the continuous heavy rain and rainstorm weather were very unfavorable to the construction of the enterprise, seriously affecting the construction period of the project, and the construction team could only carry out construction at every turn to reduce the impact of suspension due to rainstorm weather on the project

According to Guoyong, general manager of Jiangxi Dongxiang Gaoxin Chemical Co., Ltd., the factory was submerged by rainwater for more than 1 meter, and serious waterlogging has caused the enterprise to stop production for many days. Many highways leaving the country were washed away by floods caused by rainstorms, and the whole product transportation line was interrupted, with direct losses estimated to exceed one million yuan. At present, the roads have just been repaired and passed, and the railways and highways are mainly passenger flow and rescue and disaster relief materials, with few freight trains

many enterprises such as Dongxiang Gaoxin chemical industry were hit by the rainstorm, such as Jiangxi ocean chemical fertilizer Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Nancheng Hongdu Chemical Technology Development Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Tianguang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., also suffered from waterlogging, power interruption, enterprise shutdown, raw materials in stock soaked in water, product sales and transportation interruption, which caused considerable losses to enterprises, When the key common problems of civil aircraft materials can be effectively solved and production can be resumed is still unknown, and the losses may be much greater than expected

however, due to the rainy season in the south, some enterprises also took preventive measures in advance

backbone chemical enterprises such as Guangxi Liuzhou Chemical Group, Hechi chemical group, Guilin rubber machinery factory, China National Chemical Rubber Guilin Branch also made emergency preparations in advance before large-scale rainfall. Therefore, the large-scale rainfall and flood disasters since mid April have not significantly affected the above-mentioned enterprises

most chemical enterprises in Jiangxi Province have made disaster prevention plans before the rainy season. Large backbone enterprises such as Jiujiang Petrochemical Branch, Xinghuo organosilicon plant, Jiangxi Guihua company, Jingdezhen coking, Jiangxi Shilong industry, Jiangxi Jiangwei high tech, Jiangxi electrochemical high tech and so on have made early plans and arrangements. At present, the production and sales of these enterprises remain normal

Hongyun coating factory and solvent factory subordinate to Guangzhou Zhujiang Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. quickly launched the first level emergency plan, and have made arrangements for production and power workshops. All staff shall carry out a comprehensive desilting of the underground drainage pipes in and around the plant and prepare a sufficient number of sandbags. At present, the production of the enterprise is stable and the product sales are normal

Southern chemical enterprises have been attacked by rainfall one after another, and the chemical market has also received messages

potash fertilizer Market: rainstorm affects the normal operation of the market

recently, the work of summer wheat harvest is still in progress, farmers' fertilizer use has temporarily stopped, and the heavy rainstorm in many southern provinces has also seriously affected the normal operation of potash fertilizer, resulting in difficulties in the entry of raw materials and the delivery of products, which has great impact on the normal chemical production, raw material procurement Product sales and project construction have brought many difficulties. The market continues the stability and wait-and-see state in the early stage

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