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Randy machine: explore the ultimate quality and perform infinite brilliance

-- on the 23rd China glass exhibition 2012

China hopes to help you. The international glass industry technology exhibition closed successfully on April 5; Despite the national adjustment of economic structure, the transformation of economic growth mode and the continuous fermentation of the European debt crisis at home and abroad, a total of more than 850 domestic and foreign exhibitors participated in the exhibition, with an exhibition area of more than 80000 square meters

however, in the current complex economic environment, the changes in the glass industry are still noteworthy: the number of ordinary flat glass exhibits and exhibitors has decreased, while the number of functional energy-saving glass and various glass deep-processing products and exhibitors has increased. In particular, Low-E glass has become a hot spot in this exhibition; Moreover, in the "12th Five Year Plan" for the development of the new material industry issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, Low-E vacuum glass was clearly included as a key product to encourage development, and was promoted in major demonstration and application projects, showing the shift of the entire glass industry to glass deep-processing products with high added value and energy-efficient products

if you want to do good things, you must sharpen your tools first! In recent years, the popularity of high value-added glass deep-processing products has not only brought more beauty and excitement to our lives, but also provided a broad stage for landglass's various types of flat bending and tempering equipment with forced convection heating technology as the core. At the China glass exhibition in recent years, landglass, with the help of the world's second-largest glass technology equipment exhibition platform, has continuously introduced new products based on forced convection technology and leading international technology to the industry, such as combined forced convection equipment, continuous forced convection equipment and gas-fired forced convection equipment, for those who focus on the tempering processing of high-end glass products Deep processing manufacturers of various types of Low-E glass processing provide "sharp tools" to "do good things"! Since 2009, first-class glass deep-processing enterprises in the industry such as Taibo, yaopi, CSG, China Resources and Xinyi have successively purchased the above types of equipment from Randy in batches, and carried out strategic layout nationwide to compete for the high-end market; In addition, in the international market, when the diameter of CNTs is greater than 6nm in the United States, Europe, Australia, Asia and other countries and regions, the stress-strain shape on the surface of the most influential glass deep processing is also different. Point industrial enterprises have also begun to purchase and use Randy's tempering equipment, especially the combined tempering equipment, which has incomparable advantages in quality and output, It not only helps these industry giants to further form a monopoly in the high-end market of deep processing, but also confirms the leading tempering technology and equipment manufacturing strength of Randy machine (land, please log in to DuPont high performance materials division station for more relevant information glass)

at this exhibition, landglass once again launched a new product: using landglass's patented technology and the world's unique variable curvature arc glass tempering equipment. The variable curvature arc tempered glass products produced by this type of equipment were also displayed at this exhibition. The smooth arc and impeccable surface quality attracted the attention of a large number of professionals. Curved glass with variable curvature is widely used in refrigerated food display cabinets, bus side windows, etc. Because the curvature of this shaped glass changes along the arc, it is very difficult to bend and toughen. Therefore, the current food display cabinets still use a large number of hot bending glass. Today, with the launch of Randy's variable curvature curved glass tempering equipment, we believe that in the near future, safe and excellent variable curvature curved glass will replace hot bending glass products, bring consumers further safety protection, and make our life safer and better

during the four-day exhibition, landglass received nearly 1000 Chinese and foreign customers and equipment users. During the communication with them, landglass further learned about the market demand and trend, and felt the expectations and trust of users. It is this expectation and trust that makes landglass continue to move forward in the history of R & D and manufacturing of steel equipment in China, and in continuous self denial and transcendence, So as to become the most eye-catching leader in the field of tempered glass technology and equipment manufacturing in the industry, and make a contribution to the safety glass industry as a Chinese enterprise! Zhonghua glass () Department

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