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Rako etiketten entered China to install the first Geras rcs330

at the end of March 2009, the German rako group set up a new production base in Hangzhou, China. The core productivity of the new plant is Gerald rcs330

it is understood that rako's new factory covers a total area of 1000 square meters. At present, its business scope is to provide high-quality self-adhesive labels from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Shanghai printing recruitment involves a 180 km radius of Shanghai

Philip Schmidt Prange, executive director of rako, said that China is one of the countries with the fastest development of self-adhesive label market in the world. Although as an Asian market, We are always one "Fair competition in the market is an important guarantee for economic and efficient operation. New members, but we have brought us rich reserve resources from European customers. In the future, rako will have a long-term development plan in China. Although it is now in the economic crisis of Jinan assay paper packaging detector, printing sticker, it has not affected us, and we prefer to see potential opportunities. The parent company was established in 1969, and now has more than 1000 employees Provide high-quality self-adhesive labels of the same standard and set up factories in Far East Europe. In addition to the atlas rcs330 and the strict product testing lithographic printers, these standards can also meet the cleaning and hygiene requirements

obviously, Gerais rcs330 has an outstanding competitive advantage. It can combine 12 colors for high-quality printing. Therefore, Yiwu printing, our subsidiary in China can meet the existing market demand and continue in the future. We decided to choose and buy the atlas rcs330 mainly based on its development and rich experience in Europe for so many years

it is reported that the atlas rcs330/430 can provide maximum application flexibility. It can be combined with any post press process, such as silk printing, hot pressing, cold foil and flexo embossing, as well as offset printing process, providing an almost unlimited range of applications. The unparalleled automatic business card printing of atlas rcs330/430 enables it to produce both long-term labels with limited quality, and labels that force the industry to become green through merchants (such as labels for daily necessities), as well as very exquisite short-term labels (such as labels that reflect infrared light in different paths when activated; labels for switching keys and beauty care products can be achieved by changing humidity or applying acetic acid vapor), The above labels can achieve low-cost demand for meaningful printing. Mr. Felix egger, vice president of marketing and marketing of Gerais group, said: we are very satisfied with establishing a cooperative relationship with our partner rako group in Europe. They have installed many of our printing machines and are currently developing to Asia

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