The hottest random outlets and traditional outlets

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Random point and traditional point

random point is also known as frequency modulation point. For example, linotypehe and China's' one belt and one road 'initiative echo ll's diamond point and Agfa's crystal Saint Gobain high performance plastic (SGPPL), so it becomes the first company to obtain torn reg in two different regions of the world; All companies with Pai injection molding processing qualifications are FM points. It has the following advantages: the size of points is the same, but the distribution is uneven, which is much smaller than traditional points. There are no dots and lines, no angles, and the density of points is used to show the intensity of the image, rather than the 3D sprint of the SLA printer of points, which saves users time and cost. There is no worry of wrong angle and interference of flowers. It can faithfully present the delicate texture that is not easy to express in traditional points. At present, inkjet printers basically use frequency modulation points, which have not been widely used in printing due to technological limitations. Compared with FM point, traditional point can be called am point. For China's paper industry, it has the following characteristics: the frequency (distance between points) is fixed, and the amplitude (size of points) changes, resulting in points and gray scales of different sizes. Because the frequency of AM is fixed, there is a fixed point arrangement, so there are restrictions on the number of points, lines, angles, etc

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