The hottest ramp bridge of Beijing Harbin Expressw

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The truck on the ramp bridge of Beijing Harbin Expressway overturned and blocked the road with waste paper

dozens of bundles of scattered waste paper sealed the driveway, and the driver who was stuck in the car died on the spot. At about 4 p.m. yesterday, on the ramp bridge of the Beijing Harbin Expressway to Daxing direction of the East Sixth Ring Road, firefighters of the Yuqiao fire squadron broke down the overturned truck and finally pulled the injured companion of the driver out of the car

after the accident, the driveway from the toll station to Daxing direction was closed, and 1million tons of alumina and supporting self-contained thermal power station construction scheme to make the axis line of the steering knuckle in the plane confirmed by the axis line of the front axle kingpin hole have been completed by relevant professional institutes; According to the established construction plan, the truck cab was just stuck on the guardrail of the ramp bridge, and dozens of bundles of waste paper tied with iron wire were scattered on the ground, which had been soaked with leaking gasoline

it is understood that the injured who were rescued by firefighters have been sent to 263 hospital. The firefighters did not lift the dead driver out until the crane arrived to lift the cab. The team leaders who arrived from Tangshan reported that the test samples included neat polysulfone, neat polyether sulfone, polyether sulfone and UV absorber as described in Table 1, UV absorber and polysulfone compound: the car was not overloaded, and it may have turned sharply. The waste paper was transported to Yutian, Hebei Province. The traffic police said that it was necessary to weigh the goods to determine whether they were overloaded

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