The hottest rainy weather affected the production

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The rainy weather will affect the production of natural rubber in Thailand, driving the price jump

due to the continuous rainfall in western Thailand in the next few days, it will be difficult for farmers to cut rubber or extract rubber from rubber trees. It will also put forward the requirement that the air humidity should be kept below 30% for titanium dioxide enterprises in terms of cleaner production, air pollution prevention, water pollution prevention, solid waste treatment, etc., so the production of natural rubber in Thailand may be reduced, Further push up the price jump

according to the weather forecast, the southwest monsoon is attacking the Andaman Sea, the mainland of Thailand and the Gulf of Thailand. This may bring sporadic thunderstorms, especially in the western region

traders in Thailand said that rainfall was hindering the supply of rubber raw materials, and the arrival volume in many regional markets was sparse

at present, the rubber sales volume is lower, with the sales volume of 57 tons on the 20th, and the trading volume of 63 and 68 tons on the 18th and 19th respectively

the current quotation of Thai No. 3 cigarette adhesive RSS3 is about US $2.07 per kilogram, up 22% month on month. In the first half of the year, output fell by 12% year-on-year, and exports fell by 9.2%

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