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Shandong Lingong released "China's first level" g9260

focusing on user experience and developing towards serialization and differentiation

at the Shanghai BMW exhibition, which opened on November 22, Shandong Lingong grandly released the flagship g9260 of land grader known as "China's first level", and announced the comprehensive upgrade of "G9" model land grader, forming a complete series covering large, medium and small sizes, At the same time, the strategy of "customized working conditions centered on user experience" was launched to promote the development of temporary work product lines to serialization, clustering and differentiation, provide more choices for global users, and provide more comprehensive and optimized comprehensive solutions for enterprise customers

Su Zimeng, vice president of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, Anderson, President of Volvo Construction Equipment China, Wang Zhizhong, chairman of Shandong Lingong, Yu Mengsheng, President, Wen Degang, general manager and other senior executives jointly attended the new product launch conference, which could reduce the emissions of CO2 and SO2 by more than 64 million tons in China. In addition to g9260 and grader series, Shandong Lingong's small excavators er616f and er636f, loaders l968f, fork loaders lft30, road rollers rs7260, as well as parts and accessories exhibition areas are the highlights of this exhibition. It is also understood that during this BMW Shanghai exhibition, Shandong Lingong will also hold an award ceremony for driver activities, To promote the largest scale of the construction machinery industry, the goal of the project is "Build and test whether the space structure is suitable for the use of space vehicles, and the world-renowned public welfare activities continue to go to the world, leading more enterprises and individuals to join the ranks of good drivers who spread public welfare and promote environmental protection.

against the background of the continuous downturn in the construction machinery industry, Shandong Lingong, relying on scientific and technological innovation, product upgrading and customer care, has embarked on a sustainable development path that adheres to its main business and takes a global perspective. Starting in 2013 Drive the driver well; In 2014, 25 high-quality products were released and CE certification was obtained; In 2015, F series loaders were launched, and the whole series was upgraded to three stages, so that good driver activities go abroad; By 2016, the main motor grader series will be developed to differentiated, customized and comprehensive solutions. One step at a time, one leap every year. At the BMW show, BICES and other top industry events, major achievements are released every time, bringing surprises to the industry, customers and partners

chairman Wang Zhizhong said that since the last BMW exhibition, Shandong Lingong has continuously won the "National Machinery Industry Quality Award" and the "National Quality Award" in terms of quality and management by relying on innovation to drive hard internal skills; In terms of products, focusing on the needs of equipment upgrading and personalization, each product line forms a full series vertically and differentiates horizontally, and develops into a full coverage product cluster; In the face of the constantly changing market, the new idea of "care • endless" will focus on user experience, take the three advantages of energy saving, reliability and comfort as the core, adapt to all kinds of working conditions around the world, continue to upgrade and make breakthroughs; Service and customer work will pay more attention to details, exceed expectations, and wholeheartedly help customers create maximum value throughout the process

the g9260 released in this BMW exhibition is known as "the first flat in China" in the industry, with a total weight of 22 tons. It is currently the largest mechanical transmission automatic shift grader in China. It is a high-speed, efficient, high-precision and multi-purpose product developed by Shandong Lingong on the basis of absorbing European advanced technology. It can realize ground leveling and trenching, slope scraping, bulldozing, snow removal, loosening, compaction, cloth distribution, mixing and other work, especially suitable for mines Agricultural and forestry, large-scale infrastructure leveling and other construction conditions experimental machines are not controlled. At the same time, the "G9" series motor grader with g9260 as its flagship has been comprehensively upgraded, and its power performance and fuel economy have been greatly improved. It produces more efficiency at a lower cost. Through optimized configuration and human design, it surpasses similar products in terms of safety, practicality, convenience, adaptability and so on, creating a more comfortable driving experience. At the same time, it can carry a variety of accessories to improve the application scope of the grader and create greater value

Chi Feng, the chief engineer, said that Shandong Lingong is connecting the R & D end, production end, sales end and client through extensive research, big data application, intelligent production, improving innovation mechanism and strengthening R & D support. The product system will focus on customer needs and driving experience. Padrick said that it will develop towards differentiation and customization. The differentiated products include complete machines and accessories. The former includes underground loaders, fork loaders, wood clippers, side unloaders, etc. the accessories include buckets, multi-function buckets, snow removal devices, quick change series, etc. through the continuous optimization and combination of complete machines and accessories, we try our best to meet the comprehensive and personalized needs of customers. At the same time, Shandong Lingong has launched an upgraded version of comprehensive solutions for construction machinery for factories and mining enterprises around the world. With an optimized product portfolio and a global service network, it has tailored equipment and operation and maintenance systems for enterprise customers

this BMW exhibition put forward the slogan of "never forget the original intention, build a legend", calling for a return to the original love of construction machinery and jointly welcome the arrival of a new era. The report released by the organizer shows that from August to September this year, the sales of construction machinery represented by excavators soared, and the industry as a whole showed a warming trend, flashing light in the darkest hours. In this regard, President Su Zimeng pointed out that China's construction machinery market will not repeat the old path of blind development. After more than four years of in-depth adjustment, the entire industry is facing earth shaking changes. Only by sticking to its main business, daring to invest, and daring to innovate, like Shandong Lingong, can it break the situation, seize the growth point, and grow together with the new forces in the market

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