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Shandong Lingong: stride into a new stage of international development

Shandong Lingong: stride into a new stage of international development

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Guide: Recently, Shandong Lingong, a large backbone enterprise in the national construction machinery industry and one of the top 100 in China's machinery industry, has been receiving good news, signing a contract with Phoenix Satellite TV to promote the pace of international brands; The production base of 20000 excavators was completed; Five new generation excavator products have been launched globally at the same time, and one after another

recently, Shandong Lingong, a large backbone enterprise in the national construction machinery industry and one of the top 100 in China's machinery industry, continued to receive good news, signing a contract with Phoenix Satellite TV to promote the pace of international brands; The production base of 20000 excavators was completed; Five new generation excavators have been launched globally at the same time, and the continuous good news has excited the insiders. In the critical period of domestic construction machinery enterprises' impact on the international market, Lingong is in line with the international market with its unique courage and way, and continues to explore the international market, which also provides a reference for other domestic enterprises

On January 6, 2012, Shandong Lingong "20000 excavator production base completion ceremony and new product press conference" was held in Linyi Lingong Industrial Park. At the meeting, Lingong officially launched five new generation excavator products. This is the crystallization of Lingong's independent research and development and Volvo's technical support, and it is also an important support for Lingong to realize the grand strategy of "Five-Year Plan and three-year realization". The most important thing is that the new generation of excavators will lead the global fashion of Lingong products. The unified replacement of appearance recognition system aims to make all product series of Lingong contain the inheritance of common DNA, and finally achieve the goal of becoming a brand driven by its own product identification. At the same time, it also marks that temporary workers attach importance to and explore new business areas of excavators, which is another important measure for the international development of temporary workers

Shandong Lingong: stride into a new stage of international development

in 2012, China's construction machinery manufacturing enterprises pay more attention to how to make progress while maintaining stability. While stabilizing these advantages and making it more and more widely used in various industrial fields to study the wear problem of machines, how to develop a broader international market has become the primary problem of many enterprises. Starting from its own advantages, Shandong Lingong regards the new generation of excavator products as a breakthrough series of products to break the current competitive stalemate. It has to be said that this is a good focus and force point found by Lingong

as the "pearl on the crown" of the construction machinery industry, excavator represents the highest technical level and supreme position of the construction machinery industry. Excavators are recognized as the most profitable products in the construction machinery industry, and during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, excavators will become the focus of construction machinery, directly driving the construction machinery industry to achieve high-speed growth. With the support of Volvo, Lingong launched the excavator project within one year, which enabled Lingong, which originally focused on loaders, to embark on the balanced development of a comprehensive construction machinery product line. Lingong new generation excavator series products have been effectively integrated with Volvo in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection, technical reserves, product performance and design details, and have completely reached the world-class level

"visual identity" leads the global trend of changing clothes

most domestic construction machinery enterprises still continue the idea of competing in the domestic market. When competing with international peers in terms of product quality, Shandong Lingong has made efforts to compete in the global market. Under the cultivation of international giants, it has already shifted from products to enterprises with a large range of brand competition and good production management control, and will win. The unified design of the concept recognition system more clearly reflects the temporary workers' deep understanding of the brand and the implementation of brand driven internationalization. Among them, the design of this new generation of product appearance recognition system was completed by Volvo Group in cooperation with temporary designers. Once launched, the visual highlights with international design sense have attracted the praise of many domestic and foreign customers

taking advantage of the new generation, Lingong also believes that this is an opportunity for excavator products to change globally, which is not just the change of appearance. The design change of appearance products is not just the change of appearance. It is more an overall change after systematic consideration of design meaning, corporate culture, internal structure adjustment, product performance integration and even comfort. In general, The global unified dressing change is to promote the temporary work to the level of international brands for operation, further integrate the appearance design with the international trend, and further promote the implementation of the temporary work internationalization strategy

it is reported that at present, Lingong has a layout throughout South America, Africa, the Middle East, Russia, India and Southeast Asia, including Oceania, has set up offices with sales and service functions in key regions, and has continuously infiltrated into key markets to set up secondary networks. Overseas focused marketing with brand and channel construction as the core has provided a strong driving force for the rapid growth of Lingong in the global market. While laying channels, temporary workers fully consider localization and the recognition of corporate culture and brand concept. The most direct embodiment of brand drive - "concept recognition" and "visual recognition" have become an important engine for the internationalization of temporary works. Coupled with perfect channels and humanized services, the goal of "striving to become the preferred brand in the construction machinery industry in emerging markets" is gradually becoming clear. The global synchronous change of Lingong undoubtedly provides strong support for Lingong to compete with international first-line brands. While greatly enriching the overseas product line, it is also of great significance for the cognition of Lingong brand in the overseas market, helping Lingong to become the first brand of China's construction machinery and the preferred construction machinery product for overseas customers

diversified brand publicity accelerates internationalization

in 2011, the construction machinery market experienced a fluctuation that cannot be underestimated. Whether in the downturn or in the cold winter, Lingong has been vigorously advancing at its own pace. While increasing research and development to improve product quality, Lingong also began to pay attention to the creation of enterprise brands early, and actively promote the diversified brand strategy

at the end of 2010, Shandong Lingong took the lead in landing on CCTV and launching corporate image advertisements, becoming the first construction machinery brand to cooperate with high-end media platforms; In April, 2011, Shandong Lingong, together with the China Super League, pioneered sports marketing and pushed the overall brand strategy of the enterprise to a new height. Later, Shandong Lingong married the railway, launched the Shandong Lingong brand train, and comprehensively opened new marketing channels in the construction machinery industry, making the brand influence be improved by leaps and bounds. On December 27th, 2011, the signing ceremony for the cooperation between Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and Phoenix Satellite TV was held in Tangshan, Hebei Province. Since then, as an important carrier of Shandong Lingong brand image publicity, Phoenix Satellite TV will promote the brand strategy of enterprise diversification in a multi-dimensional and all-round way, and the strategic cooperation with Phoenix Satellite TV will also accelerate the internationalization process of Shandong Lingong

in this release of five new excavators, Lingong has invited international top teams to jointly create promotional videos and TV advertisements of Lingong enterprises. With the help of international creative ideas and production methods, it has endowed the brand image and connotation of Shandong Lingong with fashionable, sexy and international factors

internationalization boosts the "Five-Year Plan and three-year realization"

in 2011, Shandong Lingong has exceeded the 10 billion mark in advance, and the growth rate of major economic indicators ranks first in the industry. Among them, the internationalization development strategy has played a crucial role. At present, Shandong Lingong has completed its global layout, and its business covers more than 60 countries and regions around the world, including North Africa, Russia, Brazil, Iran, Australia, etc. relying on reliable quality and service, Shandong Lingong is becoming the preferred Chinese construction machinery brand for global customers. In terms of overseas channel development, Lingong combed more than 100 foreign countries, selected five potential key sales regions including Iran, Brazil, Russia, Algeria and Libya, and set up offices with sales and service functions, a total of 16 management regions. At present, Lingong overseas has 70 agents

in recent years, temporary technology has been continuously innovated, product lines have been continuously enriched, and market competitiveness and enterprise strength have been significantly improved. Its flagship product loader has successfully launched energy-saving products, and has produced and sold more than 10000 in a short period of time. More importantly, since Lingong cooperated with Volvo, internationalization has become its important development strategy. In the international development, Shandong Lingong has actively expanded the international market with its perfect overseas marketing network, timely global service for the revision results of Rockwell hardness tester, and strong overseas brand marketing, which has won high attention and affirmation in the overseas market. According to statistics, in 2011, the export growth rate of temporary loader ranked first in the industry, becoming the first brand of loader export in China, which greatly increased the overseas market share

"create an international temporary work and build a reliable brand", from "made in China", "created in China" to "Chinese brand". In 2012, Shandong temporary work brand was brilliant in the world, passing the brand value of "green, innovative, safe and reliable" of Chinese construction machinery to global users, and helping to achieve the grand goal of "Five-Year Plan and three-year realization" as soon as possible, We will truly build Shandong Lingong into a world-class brand trusted by global users

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