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Shandong packaging and Printing Association delegation visited Changsheng Group

on August 10, 2012, Shandong packaging and printing industry association and a delegation of 20 people were invited to Jiangsu Changsheng Group to visit and investigate. Sha Xiaoming, general manager of Jiangsu Changsheng Group, and Yang Mingli, deputy general manager, warmly received the delegation

on August 11, the delegation of Shandong packaging and printing industry association first visited the on-site printing process of CS. The members of the delegation were satisfied with the color and registration accuracy of the trial printed samples, and said that they could replace the imported models of the same grade. Many guests also further brought back many samples, saying that they would take them back to the head of the printing workshop for further evaluation

in order to let the members of the delegation have a deeper understanding of Jiangsu Changsheng Group, Changsheng Group also specially organized a symposium with the participation of both the host and the guest. At the symposium, Sha Xiaoming delivered a welcome speech and warmly welcomed the guests from Shandong to pay attention to and analyze the market development of China's instrument industry. Wang Zhenhua, President of Shandong packaging and printing industry association, delivered a passionate speech, affirming the contribution of Changsheng Group to packaging and printing in Shandong and surprised at the processing and manufacturing strength of Changsheng Group. At the same time, he said that as the leader of Shandong packaging and Printing Industry Association for some new products such as microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine models that Shandong has never produced, Great efforts will be made to bridge the gap between printing machinery manufacturing enterprises and printing enterprises and promote the common development of both sides

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