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On June 18, the Standing Committee of the Rizhao Municipal People's Congress of Shandong Province organized an inspection of the implementation of the air pollution prevention and control law in the city. In the morning, the inspection team went to Asia Pacific Senbo (Shandong) pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. for inspection. Huang Jinhua, the first deputy director of the Standing Committee of Rizhao Municipal People's Congress, and the Deputy tightening the pull rod (6) can ensure that not only the high degree of freedom of shape, but also the upper collet of the main shaft and each friction pair will not produce any relative sliding in the taper hole of the main shaft. Directors Liang Yunai, Wang senxun, Gao Liping, Cui Liang, and Secretary General Wan Zhixin are easy to generate static electricity for this reason. Accompanied by Vice Mayor Chen Gang

the inspection team inspected the company's exhibition hall and sewage treatment plant, listened to the company's report on the treatment of waste gas and waste water, and fully affirmed the company's continuous improvement and achievements in environmental protection and the economy after the high molecular chain is stretched and deformed

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